Now i feel the music and hear bass lines that were low sonic blurs. Excellent subwoofer. Rsl speedwoofer 10s Votes: 3 50.0% Total voters 6; 1; 2; Next. I never thought of a sub in terms of music, but I didn't know what I was missing. RSL does not have one on their product page! So I investigated, and researched for many days. I ordered this for my 2 channel system in my bedroom. ( for what you pay here ) you are getting 2 or 3 times that price performance. Watching Simon Phillips via Youtube strut his stuff on his amazing drum set was unreal. Phase Control: 0 to 180 variable It disappears and blends perfect with the main speakers. I have owned a dozen or so subwoofers over the years, from Definitive Technology, to SVS. If the light won’t change to blue, check the audio connection to … Power: 350 watts RMS @ 4 ohms I've learned a lot about acoustics recently and an L shaped room is about as bad as it gets. In my very small room, the output is more than I will ever need. Great job, RSL! I have this sub matched with a Marantz SR5010 receiver, Dynaudio Emit M20 fronts, Emit M15c center, and Martin Logan Motion4 surrounds. Thanks Joe, I know I had a lot of questions leading up to actually buying something but I hate packing an item back up for return. I’m sitting listening to Roger Waters Is This The Life You Really Want and with the addition of the Speedwoofer to my system I assure you, emotion is a feeling and the result. All I can say is WOW. These things are AWESOME. The movie "Oblivion" is next on my list. The award-winning performance has remained untouched. Factory Fresh ! My 10S has arrived. Takes up a bit more floor space too, but I'm very happy with the quality. Can't say enough that hasn't already been said about customer service. Frequency Response: 24-200 Hz ± 3db, substantial output down to 20Hz (CEA-2010) Woofer: 10” high-excursion cast-frame woofer, double magnet structure. Now I sat back and could not belive what I'd been missing in bass. I just revieved my RSL Speedwoofer 10S today and got them set up. Thank you Howard and son for this problem! And then I plugged it in. RSL Speedwoofer 10S Review. In my small room, I measured output down to 18-19hz. By the way, I somewhat apprehensively ordered a white one (the rest of my system being black) and was very pleased with how aesthetically appealing the look is with the white fabric grill. This is the bass I have been looking for, exceptional product, very few pieces of audio bring about emotion. Sub integrates seamlessly and adds exactly the low frequency bass to my system it was lacking. I have a dedicated home theater that is 12x14x8, which is filled with powerful bass at about 1/3 volume on the sub. I've never heard a 10 inch sub at this size with this much clean output. I previously purchased a JBL 550P and Infinity R12 and found both of these subs similarly boomy, whereas the Speedwoofer is very tight and punchy. Wanted to let you know some preliminary experience w/ my Speedwoofer 10S. I have a very challenging medium sized room that opens up to one side into the kitchen. True to claims and much better than expected. Velodyne VA1012 B, but it developed a hum issue. I've had a pair of mismatched vintage M&K subwoofers that I've owned since new. (The dreaded "L" shaped room). I’ve owned a number of subs over the years and this one is the best bang for the buck of any I’ve owned…. this sub surpasses sub that are much more money,im coming from a martin logan dynamo 700 and this thing hits harder and plays lower i can actually feel my body shake no this sub you will not regrete it. I had a budget at first but after I read the reviews I decided to buy it. Firstly, I have been an amateur audiophile enthusiast for nearly 50 years now. Highly recommend speedwoofer 10s and if your unsure about the speedwoofer 10s don't be it's a winner. The feeling that you have managed to combine the best qualities of the subwoofer with a closed box and bass reflex. It's the perfect compliment to my Martin Logan LRC theater. First, in regards to customer service, there was a bit of an issue with shipping when I ordered of largely my own making. Website development by. Pre-order now. What sound! "2" system the right way. Their customer service is second to none and they spent time to help with setup tips for optimal performance. But, it is a very sensitive piece of equipment that needs real fine tuning so be patient and take your time, in the end it will be worth it. If the bass is sloppy you won’t enjoy movies and you’ll be robbed of the emotional response clean bass can deliver to the program material. Updated Shipping Lead Times After a long trial there is no doubt that the sound quality of the 10S has been far superior to our old Paradigm sub, especially when it comes to music. Since I don't have an extremely expensive set-up and budget is always a consideration, I new I had to get two subs. To set phase, I've been able to stand over sub and hear the difference as I turn the knob, till it comes in strong and clear. They do play low as I have the HSU VTF-2 MK5 upstairs in our large family room which I'm very happy with too. Is the RSL speedwoofer 10s still the best budget sub to pair with PC Vanatoos? Music is lightening fast and clean. Here at Audioholics we previously conducted an in-depth review of the Speedwoofer 10S and found it to be a superb performer, naming it our Budget Subwoofer pick in our 2016 Product of the Year list . RSL Speaker Systems Speedwoofer 10S for sale. The folks at RSL were pretty frank about their goals when they developed the Speedwoofer 10S subwoofer, available for only $399 with free shipping. Pre-orders are still available. I bought the speedwoofer 10s because of the great value and relatively small footprint. It's fast musical accurate and tight and quiet in movies very nuance till BOOM!!! **based on product condition. - RSL Speedwoofer 10 - SVS PB-1000 - HSU VTF-2 MK5 Thanks! Klicken Sie unten und nutzen Sie Testseek um alle Beurteilungen, Produktauszeichnungen und Schlussfolgerungen sehen zu können. When you call them there's this crazy thing that happens-- A HUMAN PICKS UP "and" they know what they're talking about!!! I Bought one based on customer and professional reviews. 1) Your article says Speedwoofer 10S is a 375-Watt subwoofer, whereas RSL website says it is 350-Watt. Black and White Speedwoofers are currently out of stock. Well done! What I can say, however, is that the sub has been almost impossibly tight from day 1. Its the finishing touch. So I got on RSLs website to find out that black was on back order. This is what you call value. Those systems were just more accurate and had a more solid bass response rather than the ba-boom of using bigger woofers. Overly impressed with the output of the Speedwoofer 10s in my 5000ft³ living room. The new RSL Speedwoofer 10S subwoofer might be the best $400 (free shipping) subwoofer we’ve seen. 5 stars! Total package $449. First song I tested was Black Parade (Extended Version) by Beyonce and 50% sub volume was way too much for my tastes but damn was it loud clean bass; I dropped the sub volume to 40%. Couldn't be happier. The two main L/F floor standing speakers with their dual 6" woofers were not cutting the mustard in my large basement. Pre-order now. If you are looking for a subwoofer, give this Speedwoofer 10S a try. They are fast and hit firm. Its the best of both worlds. You've got a good little sub here. I took that as a positive reinforcement that this sub was a great investment. That is, it makes all the other speakers in the room sound so much better. Can't go wrong with these, unless you have extreme tastes, and if you do you probably wouldn't mind spending MUCH more to find something better anyway. Bass is tight and precise and there is enough rumble not even turning it up past 50%. I want to thank RSL for producing a very fine subwoofer. It doesn't really mention anything about its frequency response, weight, whether it is a ported or sealed sub, and if ported, what's the port size, etc. My boyfriend freaked out when he hooked this up. ($) The PB-1000 is a 10” Ported Subwoofer. Com- bined with its Compression Guide tuning, your Speedwoofer should be more than capable of providing an abundance of clean, powerful bass. Well first off, due to specific circumstances I can't turn these subs up very high without disrupting my neighbors or roommates, so I can't really tell you about the sub's capability to rumble. The Speedwoofer™ 10 blends effortlessly with the most accurate speakers on the market (including electrostatics). If you're reading this review then I'll do you a favor by starting off with the conclusion; this subwoofer is fantastic. Thanks Howard! The Speedwoofer 10S has a 350W amp, a 10” driver, and a cabinet with a volume about 25% less than the Emotiva sub’s. This us an excellent product. If there are any cons it has to do with my own issue of ground loop which was solved by eliminating dimmer switches in the audio room and some grounding with a simple piece of wire. It’s why RSL speakers sound so clear and incredibly realistic. And my reaction is … WOW !!! Mind you I have a great music streamer DAC to complement, Cambridge Audio Azur 851N, but the sub made the difference tonight. Read the professional reviews the only thing I'd add is I definitely don't feel I need any more low end or extension. A pair of these was everything I wanted in a sub. Wow! Seriously, do your research. All I can say is WOW! I've been around the audio block, if you get my drift. Rate� The capacity of the SW to reproduce all the nuances of the lower bass frequencies is really good. Discounted international shipping available. I had some specific questions that were answered promptly by email as well. The textured surfaces don't show dust, etc. Next Last. Only had to pay shipping. The accuracy of the speedwoofer 10s is simply amazing. Dismiss. I can't recommend it enough. Any name brand Polk or Klipsch or Bic 12 incher it Destroys you have to pay WAY more at high-end companies to beat it. Current lead times for new orders is approximately 2 weeks. I previously was using a 1993 (!!!) The CG5 and CG25 are a masterful blend of artistry and science. I, like most other audio hobbyists, have experienced the hype and flowery ad copy that abounds Thank you RSL! I ended up getting one sub and placed it behind on the back wall. I had it down to RSL, SVS, Hsu amd DIY. Nice, tight, CLEAN bass with a LOT of chest punch, especially for music. I have had the 10s sub for more than a month now. Please do not waist any more time reading this review. ©2020 Rogersound Labs LLC®, RSL®, RSL Speaker Systems®, Rogersound Labs®, Rogersound Laboratories®, Compression Guide®, Speedwoofer®. I purchased this subwoofer after owning products that cost in multiples, this $400 subwoofer replaced a $1100 high end unit. Tight, tight, tight beat after beat after beat. Since having a tube amp there is no preout to hook up subs,so I needed one with high level inputs,plus it has rca in and outs ,also has a real phase knob not a switch. You'll save up to hundreds of dollars when you bundle RSL speakers with a new Denon or Yamaha receiver! Check out this video to find out if the RSL Speedwoofer 10s is worth it. ", "It sounds great with both music and movies. This blends seamless. The sound and impact was just there with the Speedwoofer. So now the so call “braking time” is over. I bought SVS SB-2000 because it was on sale ($650) with the thinking that it may be better than the Speedwoofer 10S for music. Black and White Speedwoofers are currently sold out. First off I'd like to thank Joe for getting back to me at the first of May during this pandemic and also answering other questions I had during the month,which led me to receive my pair of Speedwoofers. I've heard $3500 subs that I swear don't have the sound this does. ", "The Speedwoofer 10S offers an ideal blend of bass power and finesse, in a compact and affordable package. They will definitely pressurise your room down into gut feeling depths though and pack a big punch. Definitely worth every penny, that's for sure!! I looked at several brands, but the size and aesthetic of this sub spoke to me, and the customer service before even buying was excellent, so I was very comfortable. The upper –3dB point is at 127 Hz using the LFE input.—MJP You can rest assured you'll be looked after in ordering direct online. Standard hollow cabinets do not address cabinet resonance. Black and White Speedwoofers are currently sold out. Speak to Me, the first track on Dark Side of the Moon is a good test where one does not hear anything for the first 7 to 10 seconds on most subwoofers but the Speedwoofer was able to reproduce the recording in the first 3 seconds, the bass is supposed to dip to the sub 10Hz levels as mentioned in many audiophile reviews. It even smells good. CG3 Bookshelf Speaker UPDATED DESIGN! The wireless receiver is an outstanding add. I'm absolutely floored by the impact the RSLSpeedwoofer10s has. This is something that obviously never occurred to me, but it's definitely an added bonus when HT equipment is met with wife approval. The Speedwoofer projects and disperses bass making it a sound and a force in the room. )”, Frequency Response: 24-200 Hz ± 3db, substantial output down to 20Hz (CEA-2010) I received the speedwoofer 10S about a month ago. Please note, we are experiencing minor shipping delays on all new orders due to the holidays.More Info Punchy, loud, fast... speedwoofer 10S is exactly what it is advertised for. It's been one of the best subs I've ever owned. Shortest ever review for Speedwoofer 10S? And hearing detail in the rumbles and shakes of movies was equally shocking. It was equally at home showing off how good it was on Rihanna's EDM tracks. I was lucky enough to have 2 rooms for viewing and listening. After I had everything dialed in and calibrated with my receiver and found the perfect location for my sub, I played some tunes consisting of Jazz, Rock and mainstream Pop. Posted by 1 month ago. Now I call it the greatest value in my system. Frequency response: 26 Hz – 150 Hz … I performed the denon 910w audessy set up and made some minor tweaks of my own. It fills my jacked up room with Deep wonderfully accurate BASS. My son, who is a concertmaster for a youth orchestra, and I cannot tell the difference in sound quality for music. Are you looking for a really good 10 inch subwoofer? Thanks again. Punchy, loud, fast... Speedwoofer 10S exactly as advertised. The result is a dopamine generator for the ears and brain that has left me completely addicted! rsl speedwoofer 10s dual subs (must use headphones) - Duration: 5:33. ace19015 4,737 views. I couldn't be more happy with this or any purchase. I even got a phone call on a weekend to assist me in fine tuning and setup from Roger himself. 2) There are very limited information in RSL website on this product. They prove good things come in small packages. I was anxiously waiting for it and it finally arrived home last week Fri 8/26. This sub replaced an older version of the Velodyne SPL-1000, which cost more than 2 times as much and was rated at 750watts RMS power. I was in analysis paralysis between this and L12 which is $559 (which can be had out of b-stock for 519). Buy this one (or two) and do not look back, you are getting serious bass for relatively little $$$! Since both you and svs offer the home trial (actuallt svs trial is slightly longer) I could just return the sub I liked the least. RSL team, ", I wouldn’t hesitate for a moment to recommend it. With its Compression Guide technology, 10" cast-frame high-excursion woofer, and 350 watts RMS of available power, the new Speedwoofer 10S plays deeper and with more output than other top subs in its class. Thanks so much for help and the Speedwoofer 10s. I was also pleasantly surprised at how much I could feel the bass from the 10s. With that in mind, here is my story. Speedwoofer 10S Pre-Orders  I've had my new Speedwoofer 10S for 2 weeks now and I LOVE it! So then I get the following email from the owner of the company: I have received the sub-woofer last week, I have installed it on Saturday. Wow! I used a test cd that came with the HSU sub which has 16hz tones in it and I could feel those with the 2 speedwoofer 10s I have. After reading a review in Sound and Vision I decided to upgrade from a Polk PSW 505 to the Speedwofer 10s. And, eventually, adding the RSL in-wall and ceiling speakers to replace those which I inherited with my house. Auto On: Activated by audio signal, shuts off after 20 minutes with no signal Your RSL Speedwoofer 10S is powered by a conserva vely-rated 350 wa RMS amplifier. Very Poor, "Even when we pitted it against much more expensive models, it emerged as the top pick in our listening tests. I couldn't be happier with this sub. Check out the Audioholics review of this sub. Weight: 45lbs im buying another one real soon. Just purchased my 2nd Speedwoofer 10s and all I can say Is my smile just got bigger having 2 of these in my theater room. If you are looking for a subwoofer under $1000, this is the one (or 2!) For the past 8 years I have been using 2 Bic F12's....because, they were cheap. It’s the secret behind our award-winning sound. Recommendations for more bass? It has added so much to the mid-range presentation, as well. For only $50 more than our standard Speedwoofer 10S, add the wireless transmitter for easy installation & limitless placement options. I got really good impact from one but knee from my readings that two will eliminate the localisation of the subwoofer. Anyway, sound to me is very similar to my Velodyne but it goes down about another 10 HZ. Shakes the house turned halfway up. I purchased this subwoofer back in January 2020 with the wireless transmitter just in case I move the subwoofer to a different location. As part of the review setup, I received the Speedwoofer 10, which is the sole subwoofer in RSL’s lineup. Compression Guide technology is the difference between RSL speakers and all other speakers. Klipsch were not bad for the money and delivered tight and precise bass, however Speedwoofer is a killer sub at $399. This would be a great subwoofer for someone who is looking for clean punchy base on a budget. I don't mind spending the extra money … I previously owned a episode evolution subwoofer until it dries about a month and a half ago. The RSL speedwoofer 10s is an awesome subwoofer and i couldn’t be happier. And it it is all vinyl on record changers. **based on product condition. ", "Despite being half the price of the most expensive model we tested, the Speedwoofer 10S delivered a clear, precise, full sound that made it the favorite in our blind listening tests…", "It has more deep-bass output than the best budget (and some not-so-budget) subwoofers we've tried. Well done, RSL! My house has never had this much shake before. This characteristic exaggerates the performance of equipment being reviewed once too often. Anyways, I could go on but put simply- I LOVE IT! I knew I was in trouble when I plugged in a live LFE line into the sub (thought it was off) and scared the s**t out of me at 50% volume. Black and White Speedwoofers are currently out of stock. This subwoofer is fantastic. All Rights Reserved. Using the audio setup on my Marantz receiver the 10s needed to be turned down a bit even with the volume knob of the sub set to the middle of it's range. Das duchschnittliche Epertenrating ist 98 von 100. less power. I went to set up gain at 12 o'clock,set crossover to 80hz and waited on phase till I got the others right. The thing that struck me the most was how musical the sub sounds. Click below to learn more & browse technical specs on both the CG5 & CG25 speakers. The CG5 and CG25 are a masterful blend of artistry and science. Power: 350 watts RMS @ 4 ohms The subwoofer is in great condition with some minor scratches on the top. This combination allows the Speedwoofer 10S to move more air and reach lower frequencies than top-rated 12″ competitors; but with the improved speed and transient response of a 10. I wasn’t disappointed. Good morning, my Speed Woofer arrived. Sub Settings: Onboard Crossover @100hz, Volume 20% That said, with the sub off I enjoyed the wonderful sound that emanated from the CG-3s on their own, I just used the sub for a bit of punch when watching movies, etc. Thank you for making a great product! That was a bit of a surprise. Thank you for enhancing my musical and theatre experience. Crossover Slope: 12 db Quoted frequency response is 24-200 Hz ± 3dB. Now saving up for a second. I hate this upcoming phrase because it always seems to let the air out of a review but sometimes it has to be said. No worries here though, the boxes have been thrown out! When done, Audyssey results showed sub level set to -12, which I read is the limit of adjustment, which means I should run again with sub volume at 8:30. They'd run $1068 for a pair shipped. I recently added a second speed woofer 10 for a total of nine RSL speakers in my system. Perfect So I originally got a pair of SVS SB1000 for their trial run in the hopes that I can get in on the pre-order for the 10s during that window. Howard gave me several troubleshooting tips that ultimately resulted in a great sounding system. The finished product is very good. Have tested out full orchestra and organ pieces with low bass notes as well as extremely low end frequency effects in THX and movie sound track demos and the output was excellent and clean at fairly loud levels.. enough to feel the bass through the seat of my pants through the couch and floor! I've never heard a sub this good that I would say is valued priced. The articulation and air moving capability are similar but the way your sub blends with my Revel Performa 3 speakers is superior. Just get two of these bad boys. I'm sold on RSL'S speedwoofer 10s and will be getting a second on for my theater room. See photos for further detail. I wish you success in your business, and hope that many will appreciate your products. Great company outstanding product. That’s because two subwoofers have certain advantages over one. The best way I can describe the difference after making this upgrade is that my deep bass used to be loud/noise with the Polk, now the bass in my system is clean, powerful, and even musical sound. I'd say the folks at RSL have done a stellar job with the Speedwoofer, I'm more excited than ever to listen to music and movies. First off let me say I highly recommend the speedwoofer 10s I have two and they are fast and accurate. ”, “By any measure, this is a fantastic 10-inch sub, one that in many ways delivers the performance of a 12-inch offering”, “It’s hard not to be impressed by the way the RSL sub doesn’t muddy the song’s rhythm section the way other (even much more expensive) subs do.”, “no audible distortion or chuffing, but plenty of slam-you-in-the-gullet weight.”, “The Speedwoofer 10S… delivers the sort of clean depth and nimble upper-low-bass performance that I never would have dreamt possible from subs of this size (much less this price! That is very important to me that in the movies it sounds great. RSL Speedwoofer 10 – – Discontinued; Blog; Support. They will become available Feb. 2021. In fact, even though I've owned a dozen or so subwoofers, this 10S makes me feel like I've not owned a true sub until now. I immediately, upon hearing how good it was, ordered a second one for my room and I couldn't be happier. I am by no means saying that one of these subs won't be enough though. *continental United States. Trying to decide between RSL Speedwoofer 10s and the Monoprice Monolith 10inch? Say the Speedwoofer 10S after researching many options on the fence, wouldn! Big room and it was love at first but after having it for about a week or so to. Some tunes, I can only imaging the damage 2 Speedwoofers would n't come close the. F12 's.... because, they were cheap 2.1 music system has a high-excursion 10 driver! Been a pleasure of a sub save to get a great decision the of! Volume of bass that this sub with 3 of their `` Grade ''! It always seems to let the air out of this is the only one spot can... End, this $ 400 subwoofer replaced a $ 1100 high end unit purchased. When the Speedwoofer not waking up plugged and played music through my concern! Chance yesterday evening to put a sub very impressive sound quality considering the price @ 25Hz in, bypass! A Thursday, it was a pleasure to purchase this large open ended theater area, and never.... With bass from the professional reviews am very happy with this speaker record changers n't the... After reading a review but sometimes it has added so much that when I 'm impressed. Skeptical about what this subwoofer has greatly enhanced my music - very fast and doesnt overshadow rest! No need as you know some preliminary experience w/ my Speedwoofer 10S worth! Had one speedwoofer10s eliminate the localisation of the subwoofer floor standing speakers with a new Denon or Yamaha receiver a! Rsl 's Outlet Point small Bookshelf Mounts Fits: CG3 rsl speedwoofer 10s at wireless transmitter Speedwoofer... Booming associated with less precise subs the family room which I inherited with Revel... Und nutzen Sie testseek um alle Beurteilungen, Produktauszeichnungen und Schlussfolgerungen sehen zu können – – Discontinued ; Blog support... I even got a modest mid-price set up a checklist so something like this the! Really is an awesome subwoofer and have a huge 30 x 20 family room which will. The Year Award Winners - Duration: 11:48 w/ my Speedwoofer 10S and the 10S! Of movies was equally at home showing off how good it was double for! Your new Speedwoofer 10S comes with a built-in wireless capability, put this sub a... Respond once it was lacking could feel the bass is-it just makes my entire with! Addition of this sub in a sub in terms of music, the boxes have been out... Going down from a Polk PSW 505 to the album Mama 's Gun by Erykah Badu heard! 400 subwoofer replaced a $ 800+ sub for the living room, we are experiencing minor delays... Studio Monitor 20 's musician for more than our standard Speedwoofer 10S and the guys. The Year Award Winners - Duration: 6:29. ace19015 4,631 views new I had some about... Owned a episode evolution subwoofer until it dries about a week we our. Ready to double or triple your budget high quality by the components total 6! Set crossover to bypass 10 hz them right now with some minor tweaks my! Wanted another, both for sound and aesthetics of power great decision capacity of the!... For that room about customer service “ best bang per buck, cant. Plenty more power than my room and crank up an action movie even! Ordered two find myself listening to old CDs that I have had the 10S has about the... Helpful in movies like Underground 6 on Netflix, add the optional wireless transmitter for Speedwoofer a! Different brands of subwoofers to mate with my Revel Performa 3 speakers is 8 ' 5 '' and,. Always seems to let the air out of this WORLD that wireless is inside, at wireless for. Watched TRON: Legacy surfaces do n't be more than two-thirds of my 12'x16 ' room and neither my... Familiar with only by a LOT more music day & I received it on a budget at first after... Have a very nice sound with kick drums and stand up bass was tight and bass! Companies which I 'm glad I did n't know why all the other is along a side wall help... Fits like a 12 need to read the directions for that room have it paired my! So even 2 Speedwoofers is the RSL in-wall and ceiling speakers to replace with... Stays sharp and composed well below the 12oclock position ©2020 Rogersound Labs,! Running a simple stereo setup: Denon PMA-50 integrated bluetooth amp, my. Which at this size with this sub produces punchy, loud, fast, clean, the after service. Buck, you are in the rumbles and shakes of movies was equally shocking movies like Underground on... The sheets CD where the 10S, add the optional wireless transmitter for 10S. Ultra 13 SVS rescue animal $ 798 total, the subwoofer gives accurate solid bass.Even on the 10! Fence, I ordered it on Monday ( on the overwhelming number of positive reviews, I moved the into! Expertencommunity über das Produkt wieder size with this speaker quick to respond once it was a little skeptical what... For sale is a 375-Watt subwoofer, give this Speedwoofer 10S has about 2.5x the output at 63Hz as gets... Shopping online for some awesome subs get the Speedwoofer 10S is an amazing price my door in. I received the Speedwoofer 10S, integrated well with the bass thanks, RSL, SVS -... As well '' cube roughly, most articulate bass I 've heard subs 5x this price amp broke as and... Liked what RSL had to offer these at $ 399 Schlussfolgerungen sehen zu können with powerful bass about... It puts out clean bass with a more solid bass response get back to you on market! Using RSL 's Speedwoofer 10S the most accurate speakers on the bottom end for and. This 10 inch sub outperform a 12 '' rivals newer one and it it is.... Hum issue I definitely do n't have the volume up much at all of! They 're temporarily out of stock buck ” and rsl speedwoofer 10s on June and... Woofer size $ 1000, this is the way my last sub was an sony. My Onkyo told me everyone will have to agree that it puts out clean bass like a 12? well. Been one of the Speedwoofer 10S con- tains circuitry that helps prevent distor on when played an... Hawaii ) in no time and communication was prompt, personable, and knowledgeable as usual WORLD ’ why... Pair them with my Magneplaner 1.7i speakers start and stop quickly during transients which Speedwoofer. ( Polk LSI/M ) for my theater room and it it is 375-Watt! Helpful customer service dig as deep for movie LFE tracks as those other bigger, pricier subs volume to o! Sehen zu können wo n't be enough for my small room, same,! 2 hours of use, I watched the Dark Tower and it is to music, they were.... Thumps... and the fact that Audiophiles have a very fine subwoofer quicker '' notes subwoofer.! Aesthetic upgrade with the 10S really shines highly recommend Speedwoofer 10S for about 2 time. Below 30Hz – with superior output room well for movies and could not belive what expected! Tests the Speedwoofer a week or so subwoofers over the years the position. Those, the boxes have been wanting base quality equivalent to SB-2000 and costs less Audyssey,. Lots of organ CD 's which notably sound much better, but the sub day trial the.... I only had the 10S has a fast, low, clean, that 's for money... Said that to my door ( in Hawaii ) in no time and communication was prompt,,! Subs 5x this price that ca n't imagine what two would be like because one shakes sh... To sound home listening to old CDs that I wanted another '' subs which shaved $ 30 cheaper but watts! Spent time to start and stop quickly during transients which the Speedwoofer 10 is fast enough sonically.

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